Why “Christians” don’t understand their Religion



It’s clear that the vast majority of American Christians have no clue about their religion. Evangelical, Fundamentalist Christians have even less. Bill Donahue is a theological GIFT. I compare what he does for helping us understand the codes, symbols, and allegories of the “Mind Map” we call, “The Bible,” to what Joseph Campbell did for world mythology.

I STRONGLY encourage you to Bill’s teachings:

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Mississippi Police Want to Arrest the Satanists Who Turn Dead People Gay


See… this is why I’m so down on Fundamentalist … it’s not just that Fundamentalism isn’t really about spirituality … but really it’s about POWER and controlling you though fear, shame, and needless guilt… it’s just plain stupid.


Take for instance the Meridian, Mississippi POLICE force, the District Attorney, cemetary owner, and the local television station … (all NIT-Wits) … who ((LMAO)) actually believe that some satanist from … “New York” … are turning their dead relatives … gay.

Exactly who… WHAT … are these dead people screwing???
Not knowing that the Bible is written to be a mystical map of YOUR mind… and that it’s written in allegory ((huh??) that uses astrology, numerology, symbolism, Hebrew, and a bit of science… Traditional – Fundamentalist miss the entire thing and keep people mired in superstition, ignorance, and psychological (spiritual) slavery.




Cops with Sexual Issues Shoot


Standing in the checkout counter at Berkeley Whole Foods last week presented me with a new awareness … that has been as obvious as the naked elephant in the middle of America’s living room. A large young Berkeley (gestapo) cop pushed up close … real close, behind me. The tactic is common in the South. Invade your space in the attempt to intimidate you, cause a reaction, or force you to pay them some attention.

Okay. I turned. “Oh… it’s you again,” I said.
“Do I know you?” he asked almost pleading for me to give his narcissistic dumb ass some attention.
“No… and I don’t want to know you.”

He smiled smugly and traded a few gufaws with the elderly white man behind him. I knew the drill and that they were trying to get under my skin… and trying to bolster whatever insecurities they have by pushing on someone …. especially a Nigger… more vulnerable.

I paid for my lunch and walked to the sitting area. Not long after he headed my way but stopped at the coffee counter in the middle of the seating area. He turned his big dumb head towards me and I slid my tongue over my lips in the universal “homosexual acknowledgement” sign. HE BLUSHED LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL!!

When two young Asian men came over, he quickly turned away from them as if he’d been burned by a hot torch. So much is spoken on the corporate media about “Racism.”
Racism is only a dysfunctional coping pattern for deeper personality problems. Freud proved way back in the Victorian Age, that repression doesn’t work. What’s more sexualized than a black man? White women? Toss up. But when

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looking at old pictures of lynchings, almost always, the black men’s pants were ripped and put back together before the picture was taken. They just had to torture these men by cutting, burning, beating their sex organs. A sign of …. what? Conquering the masculinity of these black men? Rage against what… penis size… their own fear and insecurity?

Homosexuality is deep in the Disavowed Subconscious of not only “Christian Europeans,” but the world. Christianity is horrible at allowing “Christians” to own their own subconscious Shadow. Another word for, “Satan” is “Self.”

Giving these … mentally unstable, disordered policemen free reign fits in with Naomi Wolf’s list of tactics employed to close down any free and open society.

“Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy”

Divide and Conquer goes back to the Norman Conquest … and further back to “Plato’s Republic.” Creating a terrifying “external” enemy allows for Whites and people of color who wish to be white… to band together against African Americans. The intent is to scare the masses into mobilizing behind the government that will “save” them from the monster.

“Suspend the rule of law”

When cops murder innocent black people in the middle of the day and nothing happens to them, it’s a suspension of law. Wolf continues…

The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 gave the president new powers over the national guard. This means that in a national emergency – which the president now has enhanced powers to declare – he can send Michigan’s militia to enforce a state of emergency that he has declared in Oregon, over the objections of the state’s governor and its citizens.

Even as Americans were focused on Britney Spears’s meltdown and the question of who fathered Anna Nicole’s baby, the New York Times editorialised about this shift: “A disturbing recent phenomenon in Washington is that laws that strike to the heart of American democracy have been passed in the dead of night … Beyond actual insurrection, the president may now use military troops as a domestic police force in response to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, terrorist attack or any ‘other condition’.”

There are more of Wolf’s checklist that corresponds with the larger picture of how this nation has ceased to be a Democracy and in fact is now a (corporate) oligarchy run by the rich, for the rich. “Our” tax structure is simply a means of re-distributing wealth out of Working and Middle Class people’s hands and into the pockets of the super rich.

The killing of black men, women, and teens (children) is not only a way for the the Lords of Fascism to flex their muscle and test just how much the ignorant and ill informed public will let them get away with, but it’s a way to further control their, “Hearts and Minds.”

It’s about the money. It’s why creating a “Thug Class” was so important .. for many reasons. Whites and Latinos and Asians are being seduced into the illusion that, “only bad things will happen to black people … and nothing to them if they keep their mouths shut.

LBJ said it copy

What’s fascinating to watch is how people so easily deny how the quality of their lives have been consistently shrinking since the Reagan Era. Those who outwardly have benefited by, “being on the team,” with large houses and new cars … they seem incapable of dealing with the rise in mental illness, Personality Disorders, and addictions that increasingly wrack their domestic lives.

The young appear to be fixed on being on a winning team while lacking the social skills for long term relationships. Everything returns to Freud’s Theory of Aggression … that the root of aggression is sexual.

Perhaps it’s time to work on freeing the Traditional Man from the prions of his three or four “acceptable emotions,” and begin looking at the realities of life and the true nature of human beings instead of allowing ill-tutored pimps in pulpits misread the Old Testament to us. Few know that old King James was a rampant Homosexual… nor do they understand those Old Stories are allegorically written to be maps of each of their minds. I mean.. c’mon … HOW do you rape an angel??

Perhaps we need more men’s groups where men can support each other on the realities of their sexuality rather than those things about themselves they loath and fear. Women too. Women can be the worst spreaders of homophobia. But until then, these officers need to therapy BEFORE they murder innocent life.

Next time you hear of another Dylan Roof or a police officer … or a “Zimmerman” who murders an innocent … or not-so-innocent… black man, look at them closely. Hate groups are often filled with closet cases.

The Critic Helps us see Ourselves



Uneasy food for thought.
The critic helps us see ourselves. The “Interviewer” looks  Ethiopian. Born here in the U.S. or maybe first generation. So close that he can play both sides of the fence…. and that’s not unusual for first … even second generation children of foreigners. Perhaps he can do another one on hypocrisy …

They’re right about us though.
Full of “funny humor” … yet so shallow and often isolated… either alone or isolated in our cliques. What has made us this way? So determine to have fun… yet so opposed to letting the world — in?

The Strenght & Weakness of Traditional Man in Post-Modern World


I saw this on Facebook and it immediately struck me how powerful archetypal MAN is in today’s Western post-modern world. The video shows 300 South African firemen who’ve landed in Canada, preparing to help battle Canada’s wildfire that is threatening to spill over from Alberta into neighboring Saskatchewan Province. The men form and begin to sing, and “dance” in what looks like a traditional warrior formation. It’s absolutely stunning in it’s presentation. All the more so because the men are dressed in modern uniforms… but bring the POWER of the ancients with them. Absolutely stunning.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.57.10 AM
But directly afterwards, another video begins to play showing a “Christian” preacher in South Africa conducting a Sunday “service.” It shows clearly why the coded bible in the hands of traditional man is so dangerous.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.17.55 AM

Jung stated that Traditional Man … “Primitive” man… is the same as Conservative Man.
They are both close to nature … agriculture, farming, and hunting. Their conscious mind is more connected to their instincts and intuition rather than philosophical post-modern abstract, analytical logic.

We often read how millions of Africans show up for Christian revivals because everything has failed the people of African nations. Their leaders, their governments … as well as the world intent on robing and stealing the wealth of their natural resources.

Taught literally, The Bible (and the Quran) is slavery.

The god they worship is white and potentially vengeful.
But the Conservative … Primitive … mind is not aware nor often capable of understanding that these religious texts are written ALLEGORICALLY …. coded … with the intent to set them FREE. To access the spiritual power that is available for those who overcome, one has to first be aware that a basic knowledge of numerology, astrology, science, Hebrew and symbolism is necessary.

Bill Donahue makes many videos that de-code the “mind map” that people like Joseph Campbell, Jung, and scholars like the brilliant Gnostic Stephan A. Hoeller.

Perhaps we’re living in what is approaching a Nexus … of Traditional-Primitive minds yearning and pulling us back into the 2nd Century, and disillusioned technocrats like Terrence McKenna who think returning to the body holds all the answers.

One thing is clear … we can’t continue to allow the Social Engineers to manipulate our emotions. We have to begin dreaming new dreams that aren’t reactions to fear.. but instead, dreams that focus on raising our consciousness and accessing our spiritual power. (NOT “religious.”)


Chosing a Home State


Must places suck right now because the American culture has been poisoned.
Well … the worst parts of American culture that is. So I’m trying out the RV thing for a while.. rough learning curve with new expenses… and ironically, “neighbors” (usually from conservative backwards states) trying to escape the toxic place they’re from… while bringing that same toxicity with them.

Good suggestions in this video: Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.19.46 AMChosing a Home State