What makes you happy?

Traveling presents the question: “What really makes me happy?” I’m 59 years old and I’m told that the decade between 60 and 70 is one of the most important in life. It’s a time to become extremely focused on your health, spirituality, diet, and the gym, or yoga class enrollment.

I’ve been hanging out in Virginia for the past two months. There’s so much here. Trees and lush rolling green hills sooth the commute and questions the motives of passive-aggressive drivers. There’s something here for everyone it seems… blacks, whites, Asians, and Native Americans and everything in-between.

The Tea Party signs that dot the more rural highways makes me pause about investing in Virginia. I later learned that two of the most promising areas (Powhatan and New Kent) have had racial problems that included the Klu Klux Klan.

(Really? Self-hating, sexually conflicted, functionally retarded, jealous red necks in cowardly hoods… in 2012? Really??)

But it’s also a place where people who desire to, can get along. It’s a place where hard-working farmers will stop and answer your questions momentarily before turning back to load crates of tomatoes or irrigation equipment.

So is this a place where I can be happy? Yes… but is it my first choice? To arrive at a proper answer, one has to have the proper information to arrive at a “proper” decision. Enter Deepak Chopra and this funny video about creativity and happiness:


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