More from Bani’s, “everywhere all the time”

a zineBani Amor is a fun, unique travel writer. You can read more about her on her, “About” page. I love her photography, her youthful traumas and struggles. Weird thing to say? Well, I get a sense that she has so much courage that she’ll continue to turn the crappy things that have happened to her into pure gold. Spiritual and creative compost. View her blog and her photography at: everywhere all the time.



2 thoughts on “More from Bani’s, “everywhere all the time”

    1. My pleasure my friend. Oh … return the favor if you ever see anything that relates. Bami … it’s time we stop running from stupid and start building more livable communities based on heart, mind, and soul … and purge the other dumb-shit.

      We need to create models that are more fun … to contradict the haters. (And seduce the smarties to join in.)


      “The only failure, is the failure to try… and the measure of success is how we cope with disappointment. The person who risks nothing, does nothing– has nothing. Everything will be alright in the end; and if it’s not alright… then trust me, it’s not the end.” –from, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

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