Biggoted, ignorant, silly, and racist beyond reason

Racist Thai YouthThailand has become one of the most racist countries on earth. When I asked a Thai woman educated in Boston why, in light of so few blacks being in the country was there such an overwhelming, non-stop hatred towards blacks, she paused, and said:

“They don’t know why they hate you. They only know they’re supposed to hate. We take our ques from you … from Americans.”

In other words, it’s the Marketing.
When I was here 40 years ago, I experienced nothing like the hatred, the bullying, the total ignorance and cold cruelty I experienced here in 2012 and 2013.

The youths in the photo behind me are continually shouting racial slurs and insults. “Niggur, dum-dum sukapore (‘blacks are dirty’), get out of Thailand Nigga…”

The photo was taken at a waterfall in Pai. Yes, the youths are drinking beer. Yes they are from the poor farming community surrounding the falls… and yes, the sentiment is common everywhere.

The “Asia For Asian” and “We are White” mindset is propagandized on televisions, radio stations, movies, magazines, and billboards. In 2015, the region is set to change its monetary standard to the ASEAN currency which will be Southeast Asia’s equivalent to the Euro. The spoiled and ignorant Thais will get a taste of widening economic pressure. Their beloved but aging and ill King will most likely die soon and political tension and violence will most likely erupt. Corruption is everywhere. Even their monks preach a warped form of racist “Karma” designed to defuse economic anger between the haves and have-nots.

Whatever “Karma” that ripens in the next five years… these are people who deserve to feel the pain they inflict on everyone… from the brutal way they treat the Burmese, to the spoiled “Better-than-everyone” slimy way they view the very limited world they inhabit.


5 thoughts on “Biggoted, ignorant, silly, and racist beyond reason

  1. You are truly opening my eyes through the scribing of your travels. That behavior is disgusting but sadly I’m not surprised. The western world has many effects on other countries and they are also behind the times so while we are trying to move forward they still have to catch up. But will they ever catch up?

    1. Transpersonal psychology says that 70% of the world is stuck in the first two (lower) levels of Egocentrism and Ethinocentrism.
      Perhaps not. But people have to first be made aware of the importance of Altruism and functioning on the Spiritual (sharing) levels.

  2. Yup. This is why I tell Black men to forget about Asia. It hurts, but it hurts more wasting your money or going there to get treated like crap. Save that money and prep, in the meantime, boycott Asian businesses.

    I’m a young Black man with yellow fever; I’ve been to Japan and Taiwan. Asia is a white man’s paradise and Black man’s hell.

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