So GLAD to be Home!

20130505_125955San Francisco International Airport!
I grabbed my bags and slipped away and found a somewhat quiet spot to bend down and kiss the American ground. Each time I leave the U.S., I return with a greater appreciation for who we Americans are.

Yes, we are under the same relentless onslaught of divisive propaganda that rich, deviant,  Social Engineers are assaulting the world with… but on average… we’re actually a pretty good group of people. Americans by in large can be reasoned with. It’s fear and stress that whips us into polarization.

I sat having breakfast in Oakland near Lake Merit one Sunday and my eyes drank in the diversity of people relaxing together. Perfect? Not by a long shot. Life doesn’t seem designed to ever be. But the level of awareness around sexuality, gender, race, and class far exceeds much of the mono-cultures of the world. Countries with diverse cultures are forced to look deeper… and sometimes they make a mess of things… and sometimes, beauty, awareness, art, and high literature arises.


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