The Great City

Washington DC is the best and worst of black life. Nowhere can you see the African Divide of wealth more visibly. Our nation’s capital is also a center of culture and art. Representatives from very ethnic group and nationality … and that includes drug cartels and international gangs… some wearing white collars and others covered with tattoos.Key Bridge

I love the observing how the seasons change the foliage, the fashion, the architecture as well as the egos, the pretenders, and the lunatic drivers fueled by the desperation to arrive some place where they might be loved.

Walking across the Francis Scott Key Bridge that links Georgetown to Arlington, Virgina, I glance down and observe the colorful kayaks waiting to be rented. A lone misty morning rower takes his scull out on the Potomac River. Gentrification has greatly reduced DC’s  observable ghetto desperation, but still, there are thousands who’d increase their self-resiliency, health, and quality of life by joining him. But the green barred railing illustrates the divide between those who know how to live… and those who aren’t even able to learn.

Curiosity would probably be the most necessary ingredient. As globalization continues to shift and stress life across the planet, it’s increasingly necessary to search out new adventures that balance the corporate engineering that robs us economically as well as socially. I hope everyone discovers how easy it is to become an explorer.


One thought on “The Great City

  1. 100% You are, there is something in that air and I just found it. You are 100% correct from DC and connecting across every major city in this country, right NOW. I just couldn’t could not put the words & the mixed feelings together at the same time to explain why I get this sense of 2 distinctly different feelings I get when ever I visit DC.

    Great works! Thanks

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