Mississippi Police Want to Arrest the Satanists Who Turn Dead People Gay

See… this is why I’m so down on Fundamentalist … it’s not just that Fundamentalism isn’t really about spirituality … but really it’s about POWER and controlling you though fear, shame, and needless guilt… it’s just plain stupid.


Take for instance the Meridian, Mississippi POLICE force, the District Attorney, cemetary owner, and the local television station … (all NIT-Wits) … who ((LMAO)) actually believe that some satanist from … “New York” … are turning their dead relatives … gay.

Exactly who… WHAT … are these dead people screwing???
Not knowing that the Bible is written to be a mystical map of YOUR mind… and that it’s written in allegory ((huh??) that uses astrology, numerology, symbolism, Hebrew, and a bit of science… Traditional – Fundamentalist miss the entire thing and keep people mired in superstition, ignorance, and psychological (spiritual) slavery.



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