The Meanings of YOUR Religion

We are designed to ~ Beyond our Myths.
Do you know what you… “believe” in?
This video explains the symbols and mythological structures that make up Christianity. (Remember, “Religion” is simply “Myth” made physical. Most people don’t understand the meaning of the word. Pagan too. A “pagan” is simply someone who believes in something different than what you believe in.)

Do our religions … “myths” that help us explain our world and make sacred our daily life need updating? They’re 2,000 to 4,000 year old rituals created by desert fathers who rode around on camels. We zip around in chariots through space. They used astrology, numerology, Hebrew, and symbols to code the scriptures. We have laptops and PDAs. OF COURSE THEY NEED UPDATING!!

Until then… enjoy this:


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